Adult Practice

The Adult Practice Committee is committed to advocacy, member education and public education on issues affecting Speech-Language Pathologists working with the adult population. Please contact Tara Chen, Director of Adult SLP services, at for any questions or concerns. Below you will find a list of adult related resoures:

Articles for Advocacy

Cost-Benefit Research
Higher Spending on Occupational Therapy
How to Advocate
Maximizing SLP Capacity June 2015
The Economic Case for Speech and Language Therapy


Adult SLP Directory revised September 2017

Educational Resources

Communication Strategies
PMV Patient Information
Text to Speech Programs and Apps

Cost of Pneumonia
Management Techniques to Clear Thick Mucous
MBS vs. Upper GI
Suggestions for Taking Pills
Swallowing Exercises

Oral Care
Oral Care and HAP
Oral Care and Swallowing
Oral Care Checklist

Statistics for Advocacy

Health Authority Statistics
Residential Care Statistics

Additional Resources

Heart and Stroke BC:

Stroke Recovery Association of BC:

Aphasia Institute:

Parkinson Canada (Resources page)
The Resources page contains a tab which leads to Publications relating to speech/swallowing (e.g., Effective Communication in Parkinson’s, Communication Challenges, Swallowing, Saliva and Drooling, Voice and Parkinson’s Disease, etc)