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Our Bylaws contain important information about the operation of the Association including:

  • Membership categories and fees
  • Provincial Council and Executive Committee duties and responsibilities
  • Area Representation
  • Codes of conduct for general meetings


Speech and Hearing BC's policies are grouped into five categories. Documents relating to detailed policies can be found on our Google Drive, listed below.

Governance: The nuts and bolts: conducting meetings, electing councillors, committees, use of the logo, record keeping, and strategic planning.
Member Services: Association awards, UBC scholarship information.
Operations: Privacy, administrative issues.
Standards: Membership applications, posting jobs on our website.
Finance: Reimbursement, budgets, funding requests.
Position Papers: Co-Therapy Rationale and Guidelines for SLPs; Autism Spectrum Disorder; Caseload Guidelines for SLPs Working with School Age Population and Appendix; Universal Newborn Hearing Screening;
Human Resources: Speech and Hearing BC Staff policies. Contact the Speech and Hearing BC Office for information.