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Governance - I.1.A Policy Development, Revision and Approval

Governance - I.1.B Policy Template

Governance - I.2 Provincial Council Committee Structure

Governance - I.3 Committee Structures and Terms of Reference for Committees no Chaired by a PC Members

Governance - I.4 Strategic Planning

Governance - I.5 Orientation of New Provincial Council Members and Committee Chairs

Governance - I.6 Code of Conduct for PC Members

Governance - I.7 Conflict of Interest for PC Members

Governance - I.8 Provincial Council Voting

Governance - I.9 Motions and Discussions by Electronic Mail

Governance - I.10 Conducting Meetings

Governance - I.11 Record Keeping for PC Business

Governance - I.12 Election of Directors

Governance - I.13 Selection and Terms of Office for Committee Chairs

Governance - I.14 Terms of Office for PC and Committee Chair Appointees of Positions Vacated Early

Governance - I.15 Provincial Council and Committee Reports

Governance - I.16 - Speech and Hearing BC Areas

Governance - 1.16.1 Speech and Hearing BC Area Representation

Governance - I.17 Project Task Consultation Process

Governance - I.18 PC Linkage with other Organizations

Governance - I.19 - Position Papers

Governance - I.20 - Non-Partisanship

Governance - I.21 - Correspondence Regarding Official Comment or Position

Governance - I.22 - Endorsement of Products, Services or Programs

Governance - I.23 - Representing Speech and Hearing BC

Governance - I.24 - Requests for Speech and Hearing BC Representation

Governance - I.25 - Terms of Reference for Standing and Ad Hoc Committees Policy

Governance - I.26 Editor of Vibrations and Regular Contributors to Vibration

Governance - I.30 - Seeking Legal Advice

Governance - I.31 - Conference

Governance - I.32.A - Staff Performance Evaluation

Governance - I.32.B - Performance Eval Form

Governance - I.33 - ED Hiring Process

Governance - 1.34 - Transition to President

Governance - I.35 - Social Media Policy