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Advocacy & Resources

Advocacy & Resources

Speech and Hearing BC understands the importance of advocacy to ensure all British Columbians are meeting their communication health needs. Our association advocates on our patients’ behalf, and for those who are finding gaps in treatment on a wide range of issues. Speech and Hearing BC is engaged on a number of relevant issues in order to ensure that we improve health outcomes and address the ongoing challenges around communication health.

From year to year, we seek to increase our advocacy efforts within by:

  • Addressing issues in the media concerning speech-language pathology and audiology
  • Advocating for services for individuals with communication and swallowing disorders
  • Promoting the speech and hearing health professions to the public and other healthcare professionals
  • Working with other healthcare professionals on issues of common concern
  • Engaging with government and the health sector on key issues affecting our members and their professions.

Advocacy Material

You can download our advocacy material down below and share on your social accounts.

Find all materials here.

Advocacy Toolkit

Member Advocacy. We understand how vital our professions are for all British Columbians to receive the professional services provided by speech‐language pathologists and audiologists. It's now up to us to ensure that the provincial decision makers understand also. Our goal is to ensure that our voices are heard and understood by delivering our messages to elected decision makers. We need members bring the issues of speech-language pathologists and audiologists to the forefront, and increase awareness of our profession. Speech and Hearing BC is pleased to share its Advocacy Toolkit to assist in these efforts.

Member Presentation Slide. As a member of Speech and Hearing BC you have the privilege of representing the Association when you are out and about in a professional capacity. One way you can do that is to include some information on the Association in any public presentations that you do that are related to speech-language pathology and audiology.  We have included a slide and some notes for you to add to presentations to the public, to colleagues, to other professions, wherever you see fit. We hope you will take this opportunity to improve and increase our visibility around the province. Please be in touch with any questions.

Schools SLP Advocacy. School Advocacy Letter #1 Ratio Request (October 2020)Schools Advocacy Letter #2 Request to Consider Services (October 2020)

Speech and Hearing BC’s Key Messages

View Speech and Hearing BC's Key Messages document.

Facts about Preschool Speech and Language Services in BC
Government Advocacy

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Communication enables us to connect with others and learn about our world. When communication breaks down, it can affect our entire lives, resulting in anxiety and frustration and interfering with social relationships.

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We believe in helping people who have speech and hearing disorders to better express themselves, understand what others say, be heard, and hear more clearly.

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