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Get Involved

Become an active part of Speech and Hearing BC!

Speech and Hearing BC’s success relies on our members’ volunteer activities. Please consider contributing to the professions while experiencing benefits such as:

  • Making new connections and valuable relationships to fellow members
  • Honing your leadership skills
  • Influencing what happens in Speech and Hearing BC
  • Learning about the professions and their role in providing services to the people of BC
  • Feeling part of something that can make a difference.

There are many ways to get involved:

Provincial Council

Become a member of the governing body of the Association. Members are nominated at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Speech and Hearing BC Conference in October. Make a difference by working with other members on strategic issues that determine the current and future focus of the Association.

Curious? Find out more about Provincial Council positions, purpose, and terms of service.

Join a committee

Committees comprise members from varied backgrounds who work as a team to achieve specific goals.

Join or start a Working Group

Occasionally a working group is formed to complete a specific goal approved by Provincial Council. The group disbands once the goal is achieved. Members are also involved in committees and working groups external to Speech and Hearing BC, including the Pan Canadian Alliance and the Paediatric Advisory Group.

Contact us to find out more about working groups.

Social Media

Connect with us on social media.

LinkedIn: Become a member of Speech and Hearing BC’s LinkedIn group. Network with fellow professionals and allow interested parties to find out more about you and your practice. Chime in on interesting topics posted by other members and learn more about what issues are at the forefront of our fields.

Facebook: Keep up to date on professional and Speech and Hearing BC news. Promote the professions by sharing interesting links with your family and friends

Twitter: Our Twitter feed sends out timely pictures and tweets about current events. Members can make quick exchanges with others about issues as they happen, and keep up to date on the latest cutting edge industry news.


Our quarterly newsletter is delivered right to your computer via email. Members are encouraged to contribute:

  • Personal practice stories: How have you made a difference in the life of your clients? Do you have a client that needs recognition for improving their communication? Is there a family story that will touch the lives of others?
  • Member profiles: Let people know who you are and why you value the service you provide. Do you know another professional who deserves kudos?
  • Social media updates: What’s trending? What issues are driving the conversation?
  • Evidenced-Based Practice update: Highlight a study, research focus, book, or area that needs further study.
  • Showcase a personal practice success story from your region.

To submit an article, or find out more, contact the Vibrations Editor.