Journal Club

Welcome to Speech and Hearing BC’s Journal Club!

The Speech and Hearing BC Journal Club is a forum to facilitate evidence-based practice for clinicians in a shared, collaborative setting.

Journal Club Membership – What You Need To Know

  1. If you are interested in joining the Journal Club, please email Janet Campbell.
  2.  Look at the upcoming meeting calendar for clinical groups that are relevant to you.  Clinical groups are organized by interest (i.e. Pre-School, School-Age, Adult, Audiology, Special Topics).  Each group meets once per month for a one-hour teleconference.
  3. Sign up to participate in a meeting.  A maximum of twelve members can participate in each meeting.   Consider signing up to lead a meeting approximately once per year.  To lead a meeting, submit your article/s a minimum of two weeks prior to the meeting.
  4. Before the meeting, find and review relevant journal club documents.
  5. Participate in a meeting by calling in to a teleconference line from your phone or device.  Teleconference line numbers can be found on each clinical group page (below).
  6. If you have led a meeting, complete the Journal Club Critical Appraisal Form, and submit the form to Janet Campbell.
  7. Continue to participate and attend Journal Club Meetings.

Contact Information: Anna Crauford, Alyssa Dixon, Janet Campbell.

We have 5 Clinical Journal Club Groups, click on any group for further information:

Preschool Age Journal Club
School Age Journal Club
Adult Journal Club
Audiology Journal Club
Special Practice Journal Club

Important Documents: 

Journal Club Article Critical Appraisal Guide

Journal Club Critical Appraisal Form

Journal Club Discussion Guidelines

Conference Calling: Tips for Good Conversations