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Joining Speech and Hearing BC

Joining Speech and Hearing BC can be done at any time, via email or phone. Find out more about membership categories and joint membership below. Please note that Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists wishing to practice in BC must be a member of the provincial regulatory body, The College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC. For application information please visit

To apply for Speech and Hearing BC membership, please contact the Member Services Office (through the SAC Office) at or visit the SAC website for more information. For more information contact the Speech and Hearing BC office.

Joint Membership

Speech and Hearing BC has a joint membership agreement with our national association, Speech-Language and Audiology Canada (SAC), requiring SLPs and audiologists retain dual association membership (provincial and national).

Over the years, Speech and Hearing BC members have greatly benefited from this partnership. In addition to ensuring lower Speech and Hearing BC membership dues, joint membership facilitates resource sharing and encourages the associations to work collectively to address important issues.

Speech and Hearing BC Membership Categories

Full Members

Full Members are members in good standing who have completed a degree in speech-language pathology or audiology from a university program recognized by the Provincial Council of the Association and who meet the other requirements for full membership set out in the bylaws.

Reduced hours

Members who work less than 800 hours per year can apply under this category to pay a reduced membership fee. Indicate on your Speech and Hearing BC/SAC renewal form that you are requesting reduced hours or email the Speech and Hearing BC office.

Student Members

Students who are enrolled in a Canadian university program may apply through SAC. Membership in both Speech and Hearing BC and SAC is free. If you are currently a student and are wishing to upgrade to a Full Member, please contact SAC.

Communication Health Assistants

Speech and Hearing BC welcomes Communication Health Assistants to become members of the Association. We recognize the important role of our colleagues and believe your membership leads to a strong and integrated organization.

Benefits of becoming a member include:

  1. Receiving the quarterly publication “Vibrations," including news about local events.
  2. Reduced fees for attendance at the annual conference.
  3. An opportunity to collaborate with other Communication Health Assistants on issues of importance.

*Note: SAC membership is required before applying to Speech and Hearing BC.

Retired Members

To be eligible, a professional must be a full member of Speech and Hearing BC and agree in writing that he or she will no longer be employed as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist and has no intention of re-entering the workforce. A retired member need not meet the continuing education criteria or maintain membership in SAC. A retired member may attend meetings and is entitled to vote, but may not hold office in the Association. A retired member may not use the titles "audiologist" or "speech-language pathologist".

Honorary Members

Honorary Members are individuals who have been designated by the Association in recognition of their contribution to the professions. Honorary Members are exempt from paying dues.

Fee Table

In accordance with the bylaws, Speech and Hearing BC is a joint member province with SAC. This means that all members are required to first apply to SAC for membership.

Speech and Hearing BC fees are:

Membership Type Annual Fee Plus 5% GST Total
Full Member $165.00 + $8.25 $173.25
Reduced Hours* (less than 800 hrs per year) $111.38 + $5.57 $116.95
Retired Member $35.00 + $1.75 $36.75
Life Members & Honorary Members 0 + 0 0
Supportive Personnel+ Application Fee $90.00 + $35.00 + $4.50 + $1.75=$6.25 $94.50$+36.75=$131.25
Reduced Hours Supportive Personal $63.00 + $3.15 $66.15
 Affiliate  $109  + $5.45 $114.45
Student Member Free with SAC membership Free with SAC membership
First year working after being a student member for SLP/AUD $82.50 + $4.13 $86.63
First year working after being a student member for supportive personnel $45.00 + $2.25 $47.25

A Late Fee: $35.00 + GST = $36.75 applies to all applications received after March.
Support Personnel are charged a one-time initial Speech and Hearing BC application fee because they do not have joint membership with SAC. All other applicants pay the application fee directly to SAC.

*Note: If you wish to apply for reduced hours or fees, you have an opportunity to do this at renewal time. When you receive the Speech and Hearing BC/SAC renewal form, the Speech and Hearing BC portion of the form has a section to request reduced hours.