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Osamu Takai

201-715 Royal Avenue, New Westminster, BC V3M 5X4, Canada

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%%% TRI-CITIES, NEW WESTMINSTER, BURNABY, NORTH VANCOUVER, VANCOUVER, SURREY, RICHMOND %%% I have been supporting infants, children, adolescents, adults, and local caregivers and educators. I'm also a former preschool teacher (Early Childhood Educator) in Vancouver, BC. I provide assessment, treatment, consultation and home programs that are tied to my clinical and research expertise: speaking skills (pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar, and discourse), listening skills, reading skills, writing skills, multilingual development, social skills, Autism spectrum disorder, learning disabilities, executive functioning difficulties, intellectual disability, brain impairments, and complex developmental disorders (e.g., global delay). Meanwhile, I have been supporting caregivers and educators through workshops on First/Second Language Acquisition and Reading Development. Services are provided in either English or Japanese. PhD, University of British Columbia, 2019: reading development, electroencephalogram, and bilingualism..

Field of Practice

Speech-language Pathologist

Disorders Treated

AphasiaArticulation of Speech/Speech Sound DisorderAutism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)Cognitive Skills/Executive FunctioningDementiaDevelopmental DelayLanguage Delay/DisorderLanguage-Based Learning DifficultiesPragmatic Language/Social Communication Disorder or DifficultySelective MutismStroke – AdultStroke – ChildTraumatic Brain Injury (TBI)Written Language Disorders (Reading, Writing)Childhood Apraxia

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Age Groups Treated

19+ years6 to 19 yearsLess than 6 years

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Languages Spoken

english, aslbasic, japanese

Will Travel / Distance

Yes - up to Up to 30km

Specialties / Services Provided

Developmental language issues; developmental communication issues; reading and writing; neurological impairments

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Other Professional Practice / Service Information

Locations that I can travel to depends on the time of day/ the day of the week, but weekends generally work better for me.