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Joint World Congress on Stuttering and Cluttering comes to Montreal

The Joint World Congress on Stuttering and Cluttering (JWCSC) is taking place in Montreal (Canada) from May 27 to 30, 2022. The Congress provides a great opportunity for Canadian speech-language pathologists to share and acquire additional knowledge and insights about stuttering and cluttering, and to network with professionals and students from around the world.

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A collaborative effort between the International Cluttering Association (ICA), International Fluency Association (IFA), International Stuttering Association (ISA) and local host organizations including the Association bégaiement communication (ABC) and the Canadian Stuttering Association (CSA), the JWCSC will bring together academics, researchers, speech-language professionals, and persons who stutter and/or clutter for dialogue and collaboration on research, treatment, different points of view, and the experiences of persons living with stuttering and/or cluttering.