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Talk Spot 2018


Campaign 2018: As SLPs and audiologists, we know the risks associated with excessive screen time for kids, yet 85 percent of Canadian children under 5 spend more time on devices than suggested guidelines. For young children, this can lead to significant language delays and even lifelong learning difficulties. This May, in honour of Speech and Hearing Month, the Public Education Committee is launching Talk Spot, a province-wide advocacy campaign encouraging face-to-face interaction amongst parents and children.

A Talk Spot is anywhere you can communicate face-to-face with someone you love. This could be in the car, at the dinner table, in the community centre, at the mall, in the park: anywhere you can talk without the distraction of a screen.

How You Can Help:

  • Use one of our 10 pre-written posts on your social media. We’ve created ten, easy-to-share social posts with accompanying graphics. Please use these throughout May!
  • Share your Talk Spot promotion with us. We would love to see photos of your Talk Spots or other ways you’re spreading the word. Please share your content with us on Facebook or Twitter, and use the hashtag #talkspot.
  • Want even more content to share? We have dozens of prewritten posts and graphics with conversation starters, tips, and quick facts that you can share easily across social media.

Resources for Talk Spot:
Activities for Language Development
Conversation Starters for All Ages
Useful Resources for Parents

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