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Student Resources

Joining Speech and Hearing BC

If you are a graduate student in audiology or speech-language pathology, then you are eligible to join Speech and Hearing BC through our joint membership with SAC. As a student-member, you will have the opportunity to connect with members in your area and drive change and innovation in the professions. There are also a number of financial and networking benefits such as reduced travel insurance and lower conference fees.

How do Speech and Hearing BC, SAC and CSHBC link together?

Speech and Hearing BC is the professional association supporting and representing speech-language pathologists and audiologists in BC, whereas SAC is our national association. SAC also has certifications for both professions. In order to work in BC, SLPs and audiologists need to be registered with CSHBC.

Further information about becoming an audiologist is available in our Careers section.

SAC Student Links

SAC’s Student Hub provides extensive information for prospective speech-language pathologists and audiologists, including:

Other Useful Student Links

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