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Cynthia Low

3819 9th Ave, Port Alberni, BC V9Y 4T8, Canada


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I received my Speech-Language Pathology degree from Western Washington University. I hold the CCC from ASHA, am certified with SAC-OAC, a BCASLPA member and college certified in British Columbia.

Field of Practice

Speech-language Pathologist

Disorders Treated

AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) – ChildAphasiaApraxia/DyspraxiaArticulation of Speech/Speech Sound DisorderAutism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)Childhood ApraxiaCleft Lip or PalateCognitive Skills/Executive FunctioningDevelopmental DelayDysarthriaLanguage Delay/DisorderLanguage-Based Learning DifficultiesMotor Speech DisorderNonverbal Language DisorderPragmatic Language/Social Communication Disorder or DifficultySelective MutismStroke – AdultStroke – ChildStuttering/Fluency of Speech DisorderTongue Thrust/Oral Myofunctional DisorderVoice DisordersWritten Language Disorders (Reading, Writing)

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Age Groups Treated

19+ years6 to 19 yearsLess than 6 years

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Specialties / Services Provided

Articulation Phonology Language Development Language & Literacy Fluency ASD AAC Voice Neurogenic

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Hanen: ItTakes Two to Talk Hanen: More Than Words