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Alysia Jeske

447 E Columbia St, New Westminster, BC V3L 3X3, Canada


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Alysia Jeske is a Speech Language Pathologist who specializes in Voice. Her training in Communication Sciences and Disorders was through University of Alberta. She was trained as a Vocologist in Salt Lake City, USA at the University of Utah. Having a love for the arts, she performs and sings own song compositions. For more information, please contact or view her website at:

Field of Practice

Speech-language Pathologist

Disorders Treated

Accent Modification/Accent ReductionArticulation of Speech/Speech Sound DisorderStuttering/Fluency of Speech DisorderVoice Disorders

Taking New Clients


Age Groups Treated

19+ years

On RASP list


Languages Spoken

english, german

Will Travel / Distance

Yes - up to 70 km

Specialties / Services Provided

- Voice habilitation and rehabilitation - Resonant Voice Therapy - Resonance Tube Therapy - Semi-occluded Vocal Tract Therapy - Laryngeal Massage - Laryngospasm/Paradoxical Vocal Fold motion Breath Therapy - Therapy for nodules, raspy voice, weak voice, breathy voice, constricted voice, no audible voice, etc. - Accent production and reduction

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Other Professional Practice / Service Information

Has a satallite practiced based out of New Westminster Indigo ENT Group. Available after 3pm. Has a love and passion to help people find their voice - the voice that is most optimal, efficient, and suitable to the individual.