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Kristen Bailey

South Surrey, Surrey, BC V4A 1V5, Canada

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Field of Practice

Speech-language Pathologist

Disorders Treated

AphasiaApraxia/DyspraxiaArticulation of Speech/Speech Sound DisorderChildhood ApraxiaCognitive Skills/Executive FunctioningDevelopmental DelayDysarthriaLanguage Delay/DisorderMotor Speech DisorderPragmatic Language/Social Communication Disorder or DifficultyStroke – ChildStuttering/Fluency of Speech DisorderTraumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

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Age Groups Treated

6 to 19 yearsLess than 6 years

On RASP list


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Will Travel / Distance

Yes - up to 25 km

Specialties / Services Provided

Focused clinical training in providing cognitive-communication assessment and treatment for children post-acquired brain injury (stroke, traumatic injury, etc). Focused clinical training in providing fluency therapy for stuttering disorders.

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