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Jana O'Connor

Victoria, BC, Canada


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I'm a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist working in private practice based in the Victoria area. Working since 2012, I have experience with a wide variety of communication challenges and approach speech therapy with fun and engaging activities. I believe everyone deserves a voice and I am particularly passionate about supporting neurodivergent learners by focusing on their strengths and interests.

Field of Practice

Speech-language Pathologist

Disorders Treated

AAC (Alternative and Augmentative Communication) – ChildApraxia/DyspraxiaArticulation of Speech/Speech Sound DisorderAutism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)Childhood ApraxiaCognitive Skills/Executive FunctioningDevelopmental DelayDysarthriaHearing Loss or Impairment – ChildLanguage Delay/DisorderLanguage-Based Learning DifficultiesMotor Speech DisorderNonverbal Language DisorderPragmatic Language/Social Communication Disorder or DifficultySelective MutismStuttering/Fluency of Speech DisorderTongue Thrust/Oral Myofunctional Disorder

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Age Groups Treated

Less than 6 years6 to 19 years

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I am a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist working since 2012 in the areas of articulation, phonological, and motor speech disorders, language delays and disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder, Childhood Apraxia of Speech, complex developmental delays and disorders, pragmatic and social cognitive impairments, and fluency disorders (stuttering). I also provide services to improve executive functioning for those with challenges related to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and ASD.

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I provide family-centred, functional, and neurodiversity-affirming speech and language services. I approach therapy with a fun, play-based, and creative approach and believe communication should be fun for everyone! Currently providing services via telepractice due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Additional information is available on my website: